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Drip Irrigation Kits

Drip Irrigation Kits

 Drip irrigation kits designed for use in the domestic market using premium equipment, without the financial outlay of having the minimum order quantities. We have therefore decide to produce some kits specifically for home use and these are as follows:

Home Drip Irrigation Kit


Digital battery powered outside tap timer.


16mm LDPE tube x 50m coil ( this is your supply tube that is run around the building or garden where ever you need your water).


Using this tool, you punch a hole into the tube where you want to take a supply off to a plant, pot or hanging basket.


Now you have punched your hole you can fit the pressure compensating dripper into the supply tube, a pressure compensating dripper will ensure that all plants regadless of location will get the same amount of water. Fit the dripper with the large barb going into the supply tube, it just snaps into place.


Now you can fit the 5.5mm micro tube to the black barb on the dripper and cut to length giving you the distance between the water supply pipe to your plant, pot or hanging basket.


Now you can fit the final part which is a clamp stake, this will keep the end of the tube where the water come out of near your plant or in the pot / hanging basket.


 Above are some other parts that will be needed to complete the system, elbows to go round tight coners of buildings. Tees for coming off the main tube to pick up another area, stop ends to blank the end of the tube off. Clips with nails for attaching the main tube to the building. All the above barbed fittings are just push fit, no hose clips required.

Please see Drip Irrigation Kits in the shop,

We have also put in the shop each of the parts above as individual parts so you can make up your own kit to suit more you own requirements, instead of having to buy packs of 100 or full coils. The only product that will stay as full coils will be the 16mm LDPE tube.

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