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Product Promotion Equipment

We at Wise Water Solutions Ltd undertake the manufacture of bespoke product demonstration equipment for exhibitions, product promotions at resellers sites and sales representatives traveling sales aids.

"Once again Nigel and his team have done a super job and these competition rigs are proving a great success.

Designed to time how long it takes to change a central heating pump AND safely check they have been correctly wired using a low voltage circuit the rigs are proving a real draw at merchant and contractor events.

Wise Water Solutions built on an initial concept to make the rigs manufacturable and more robust, and once again showed attention to detail on things like logos, colour matching and transport cases."

Tim Wilkes, Marketing Director Grundfos Pumps Ltd.


 Product Demonstration and Competition Equipment.

The brief: Produce a unit that can record the time taken to change

a pump located within pipe work, with the ability to test

the electrical connections on the exchanged pump to ensure

correct fitting by the engineer. Using the corporate colours

of blue and red to make competition pairs, one of each colour

per pair.


The Manufacture.

20140815_123217.gif  20140818_160208.gif

20140818_160112.gif  20140818_141028.gif

20140826_125500.gif  20140827_171415.gif

20140827_174234.gif  20140827_174349.gif

20140905_181238.gif    20140905_141948.gif

 The Showroom / Competition Setup.



 In Use.



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