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Travelling Sales Aid

We at Wise Water Solutions Ltd undertake manufacturing bespoke product demonstration equipment for exhibitions, product promotions at resellers sites and sales representatives travelling sales aids.

"These rigs have been used extensively by our field promoter and sales teams and have proven a great way to demonstrate the innovative operating modes and energy efficiency savings of Grundfos heating pumps. They are well built and the finish was excellent, even down to pantone matching the paint colour."

Tim Wilkes, Marketing Director Grundfos Pumps Ltd.

 Product Demonstration and Sales Aid.

The brief: Produce a unit that can demonstrate flow difference 

between old and new style pumps, show the power savings

using a LCD display showing watt consumption.


Single pump unit.



 Single pump, pump head shows current being drawn, whilst the rig shows flow rate

in relation to selected speed and current consumption in Watts of the motor.


Comparison Dual Pump Unit.



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